halloween “costumes”

Do you kittens remember that store that I supposedly opened up a couple months ago? You wouldn’t know it if you only ONLY follow me on this poor blog that’s on life support, but let’s be honest, you stalk me on all the hot social media spots. I see you lurking.. mostly because I’m right there in the bushes along with you, silently clicking through feeds and posts like a great white. Until I find one I like.. and STRIKE! ..With a witty comment or ‘like.’ So basically I’m like a shark sans multiple rows of teeth, instead relying on puny fingers to dispense my will. A shark that is also able to hide in bushes?

Well, that got weird quick.

The store! That’s right, I am indeed still one of the triumvirate behind Market Supply Co and with one of my favorite holidays fast approaching [literally, you can see the dust and feel the vibrations, like it's about to run you over any second and why the hell are you still on the tracks?!] I put the fuzzy white stuff between my ears to use.  As an eco stylist, one facet of my job is helping folks build green wardrobes and one of those outlets I direct them toward is vintage attire and accessories. In modern day fashion, you can’t toss a penny without hitting something vintage inspired, but I always stress buying the real deal over an imposter. Not only do you purchase a quality, one of a kind item that sets you apart from the other clones, but you know it’s going to last since in most cases it’s already lead one life and came out the other side smelling like roses. With that knowledge in my wheelhouse, I came up with the idea to show how iconic characters could be created using items from our shop, BUT then also showing how those same items could be reinterpreted in a modern way, allowing them to slip seamlessly into your wardrobe. I also detest chintzy halloween garb that barely makes it through the night without literally disintegrating and wanted to show how you don’t need to waste money on Halloween. And no, buying surplus candy that you know won’t get passed out to the little devils in devil costumes isn’t wasting money either. It’s just smart.

Check out the ‘costumes’ we pulled together matched with the modern versions below, then check out the full gallery on the Market Supply Co Facebook page  and don’t forget to swing by the shop [1747 S Halsted St, Chicago IL] to snag pieces for the 31st and beyond, AND FINALLY: Come show off those costumes at our Haunted Hallows Eve party! We’ll have dismembered appendages to munch on, blood to sip AND a costume contest with a gift card prize to the shop! Check out the details here, then bring all your friends Thursday night. Literally, ALL of them.


Made a mess in the kitchen carving that pumpkin? Good thing the Brawny Man is close by.. and when he’s off duty, his clothes still pull double duty.

[On Mike: 70s Wool Pendeleton Shirt, Vintage Belt // Model and Styling: Mike Ader // Photography: Merl Kinzie]


Bonnie and Clyde peer out from the doorway to check if their escape route is clear.. the modern version requires less skulking, same great style.

[Models: Karyn Dethrow & Mike Ader // Styling: [left] Karyn & Mike [right] Merl Kinzie & Mike // Photography: Merl Kinzie]


Before stepping onto dance floor for the first Charleston of the night, Betty does a little shake to make sure her fringe is shimmy ready.. and shimmy it does, all the way to brunch the next morning!

[Model: Karyn Dethrow // Styling: [left] Karyn Dethrow [right] Merl Kinzie // Photography: Merl Kinzie


Summer loving, happened so fast.. But lasted into fall.

[Models: Karyn Dethrow & Mike Ader // Styling: [left] Karyn & Mike [right] Mike & Merl // Photography: Merl Kinzie]


Peace, love and one easily reinterpreted dress.

[Model: Karyn Dethrow // Styling: [left] Karyn [right] Merl // Photography: Merl Kinzie



[Model: Karyn Dethrow // Styling: [left] Karyn [right] Merl // Photography: Merl Kinzie]sailor

High seas.. or high streets appropriate.

[Model & Styling: Mike Ader // Photography: Merl Kinzie]


oil me up


it’s here! my personalized oil cleansing process! I share the ingredients! step by step instructions! hilarious self deprecating photos! that’s right, no skimping for you kittens, no way no sir. since it’s a lengthy post containing said pictorial evidence [two words: before & after] and the descriptions of the ingredients, I’m going to pop it after the annoying jump. oh c’mon, it’s one click people! see you on the flip side.

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creating a green[er] wardrobe


[photo by my sister from another mister Paige]

As promised to the lovely ladies who attended Janette‘s and my talk at Texas Style Council ['Purchasing with Purpose'] I promised to post the guide on How to be a Savvy Eco Shopper {…. and earn air fives and booty taps from Mama N.} since printing out all 5 pages wouldn’t exactly have been in line with our sustainable emphasis.  For those of you who weren’t melting in the Austin area last weekend, during our presentation we talked about the ‘Power of the Dollar’ and our opportunity as consumers to literally decide what kinds of products we want readily available. Janette spoke on the history of fashion and shopping habits and how they compare to present day as well as the myriad of reasons or causes that should inspire you to choose wisely when considering new purchases. My contribution was the aforementioned guideline that consists of 10 rules for creating a greener wardrobe. Some of these may seem obvious, but you might be surprised just how much they help when utilized in order. You will spend more time up front, but not only will it save you those precious tick tocks in the long run, but in the same way that making a grocery list [I will never stop referencing the eco diet, just get on board already] will insure you have tasty, healthy treats without buying another bottle of spicy mustard when you already have a full one in the fridge, these 10 steps will help you build an impeccable working wardrobe.

Without further adieu, click on the link below to learn how to win those booty taps from Mama N.

Eco Shopping Guide