creating a green[er] wardrobe


[photo by my sister from another mister Paige]

As promised to the lovely ladies who attended Janette‘s and my talk at Texas Style Council ['Purchasing with Purpose'] I promised to post the guide on How to be a Savvy Eco Shopper {…. and earn air fives and booty taps from Mama N.} since printing out all 5 pages wouldn’t exactly have been in line with our sustainable emphasis.  For those of you who weren’t melting in the Austin area last weekend, during our presentation we talked about the ‘Power of the Dollar’ and our opportunity as consumers to literally decide what kinds of products we want readily available. Janette spoke on the history of fashion and shopping habits and how they compare to present day as well as the myriad of reasons or causes that should inspire you to choose wisely when considering new purchases. My contribution was the aforementioned guideline that consists of 10 rules for creating a greener wardrobe. Some of these may seem obvious, but you might be surprised just how much they help when utilized in order. You will spend more time up front, but not only will it save you those precious tick tocks in the long run, but in the same way that making a grocery list [I will never stop referencing the eco diet, just get on board already] will insure you have tasty, healthy treats without buying another bottle of spicy mustard when you already have a full one in the fridge, these 10 steps will help you build an impeccable working wardrobe.

Without further adieu, click on the link below to learn how to win those booty taps from Mama N.

Eco Shopping Guide


  • pemora

    this was so great! i just read it and now it’s saved on my desktop….those tips are easy to follow and make so much damn sense. thanks!

    • merlkinzie

      Thanks P! I was worried that it was too straight forward at first, but these are the steps I take my online eco styling clients through and it produces nothing but success with them, so I figured it was time to release the rules to the masses :)

      • pemora

        of course, i just posted on my hoarding of shoes…but i gave your tips a shout-out!

  • Indiana Adams

    I think you should write a book. Seriously.

  • paige

    so good. so inspiring!